What Is a Trial Separation?


Our dedicated legal team helps each client figure out what is best for their situation. If you are considering divorce, a trial separation may be in your cards. A trial separation involves a struggling couple separating on a trial basis to determine whether divorce is a good option for them. Here are a few things to know in order to make a trial separation helpful.

Figure It out Beforehand

A trial separation needs to be something that you and your spouse work out together and needs to come about not in the middle of a fight. If you are going to make a trial separation work, then you need to give it some thought beforehand to make sure it is the right thing and how it is going to work in terms of who is going to move out, how long your trial will last, and all the other logistics.

Continue to Communicate

Continue to talk to your spouse. If one or the other of you need some space and room to breathe, make sure that you get it, but schedule a time that you will talk later, even if it is just to get more space.

Look to the Future

When you are going through a trial separation to determine whether divorce is the right answer, you need to leave the past behind you and look to the future. Determine what your goals are as a couple and where you want to be in five years and then work towards that.

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