Top 3 Reasons People Get a Divorce


There are a lot of reasons why people get divorced, but the most often-cited reasons are finances and infidelity. However, there are some other underlying issues that may not be quite as cut and dry as financial problems or infidelity. Here at Divorce Attorneys San Jose CA, we feel that the key to avoiding divorce is knowing what you can do before getting married to avoid it. Here are the top 3 reasons people get divorced that you should think about before tying the knot.

Marrying for the Wrong Reasons

A lot of people actually get married due to mounting pressure from friends and family. Perhaps you have been dating someone for a long time, or all of your friends are getting married. These can both be reasons that people rush to get married before they are ready.


Codependence in a relationship is not a good foundation for a strong marriage. Many divorcing couples are doing so because one or the other of them did not have a personal identity as a “me” before becoming one half of a “we.”

Mismatched Goals

If you and your spouse have goals that contradict each other, this can be a serious problem and will likely drive a wedge between the two of you. Making sure that your goals are in line prior to marriage may be the solution here.

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