Things to Do If You Are Considering Divorce


If you believe the best option for you and your spouse is to get a divorce, here are some basic steps to take.

First, we advise speaking with an attorney. An attorney will let you know about your legal rights and your responsibilities. From the time you decide to get a divorce until the divorce happens, there are many factors that could affect your fiscal and custody rights.

The next few things you need to do involve taking inventory of household items. Start with your filing cabinet. Make copies of any tax returns, bank statements, retirement statements, life insurance policies and mortgage documents. It is a good idea to make copies of anything you think may be important and keep them in a secure place. Next, list all the major items in your home, starting with furniture. Write down anything valuable or that you wouldn’t want to lose. Who gets what will be settled later.

Another important step is to know and understand your financial situation thoroughly. Find out how much debt the family owes and how much money your spouse earns. If you have been dependent on your spouses’ earnings, make sure you have a plan to support yourself and anyone else dependent on you, such as children. As soon as possible, put that plan into action and save some money for after the divorce.

Finally, if there are children involved, put them first. Keep their day-to-day routine as consistent as possible. If you cannot be in the same room as your spouse and children without arguing, take turns with the kids. It can be very harmful to your children to hear you fight. You never know which part of the argument they will pick up on and you don’t want them to pick sides. If they are involved in sports or activities in school, keep them involved in those things. They will benefit from interaction with other kids and a feeling of normalcy.

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