The Top 3 Reasons People Cheat on Their Spouses


Unfortunately, cheating is a common problem in many marriages. There are many emotional and physical reasons a man or a woman may decide to cheat on their spouse. Here are the 3 most common reasons that we hear from our clients.


The most common reason for cheating on a spouse is boredom. Men and women alike can feel bored in a relationship because they feel like they've gotten “stuck in a rut” and want to experience something different. It's also common for one spouse to feel lonely or disconnected from their relationship, particularly if their spouse is frequently away from home.

Physical Reasons

Many people who cheat on their spouses are happy with their overall relationship, but they want the adventure of trying something new in the bedroom. Having an affair can make them feel more confident in themselves and their masculinity or femininity, or they may enjoy experimenting with different partners. In general, men are more likely to cheat for physical reasons than women.

Marital Troubles

Cheating often comes as a result of other marital difficulties. If you and your spouse are constantly arguing, one (or both) of you may look for someone else to support you and make you feel wanted. This often starts innocuously as friendship, but may turn into something more if you feel like someone else appreciates and loves you more than your spouse does.

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