The Different Types of Divorce


Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage. Depending on the situation, different types of divorces may be issued. While there are many other different categories of divorces, including those involving same-gender marriages and uncontested divorces, here are a few of the most common.

Summary Divorces

This type of divorce is normally granted for couples who haven’t been married for longer than 5 years. If they don’t have children, own property, or have significant debt, this type of divorce can be much simpler than other types of divorce. It involves less paperwork and can sometimes be done without hiring an attorney.

Fault or No-Fault Divorces

While not necessary, parties that are divorcing can still prove faults or the reasons for the divorce. These are known as Fault Divorces. If infidelity or abuse is the reason for the separation, they may be noted in this type of proceeding. However, if neither party feels that there is substantial blame to be placed on one party, a No-Fault Divorce may be the best option.

Mediated Divorces

These types of divorces involve both parties working with a mediator. This neutral third party will help both spouses to reach an agreement upon the terms of the divorce. The mediator doesn't act as a judge, but instead encourages communication between the 2 parties so that an agreement can be made.

Contested Divorces

This type of divorce is one of the most difficult and painful to experience. If either spouse struggles to agree upon the terms, whether it’s the division of assets or custodial rights, it will go through the process of this divorce. The case will be taken before a judge and then will most likely experience several settlement hearings before reaching a judgment.

If you are contemplating divorce and are unsure about how to proceed, speak to a professional. Call Carol N. Shapiro, Attorney at Law with any of your divorce questions.

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