The Best Advice from a Divorce Attorney


As the legal team at Carol N. Shapiro, Attorney at Law, we help people going through a divorce get through the transition from married to single again as smoothly as possible. Here are 3 of our best tips for getting through the divorce unscathed.

Give Yourself Some Space

A lot of divorcing couples want to play nice with their former spouse for the kids or to make sure that they are able to still be friends. While these intentions are noble, they might not be for the best. If one or both of you are emotionally injured or having difficulty processing it, it will become extra important that you give each other some space to process what is happening.

Do Not Start a War

In other words, do not go out and immediately hire the toughest lawyer you can just to go after your soon-to-be ex. Try to navigate the divorce as amicably as possible at first, possibly through mediation, to find out what you and your ex’s “divorce personality” is going to be.

Focus On Your Family

Do not bring any extraneous relationships such as girlfriends or boyfriends into the mix if there are any. In fact, for the emotional benefit of the kids, if you are able to get along and go out to dinner as a family, your kids will need some family time to know that they still have two parents who care about each other and love them.


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