How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship


Individuals tend to say that the happiest day of their life was their wedding day. However, a lot of couples find it difficult to stay happily married and end up getting divorced. A large contributing factor to the high divorce rate in the United States is an abusive relationship. So how does someone get out of an abusive relationship?

First, the individual needs to recognize that abuse is taking place. There are three main types of abuse: physical, emotional, and sexual. As you can well imagine, there is never a need for physical violence, and individuals should never tolerate this. Emotional abuse can be a bit trickier to spot since it might not be as apparent. Controlling behavior, intimidation, and degrading behavior are all examples of emotional abuse. Sexual abuse is also a rampant problem. Make sure whomever you are with respects you and your wishes.

Second, the individual who is being abused should try to get away from the relationship as soon as they can. Individuals should never feel like they deserve this mistreatment. What are some smart steps to take when planning to leave?

Call someone you love and trust for help and support. Planning an escape is vital. Perhaps open up a separate bank account and start funneling money into it so you can survive on your own once you leave. Also, make sure to plan a time that is safe for you to get away, and set up plans of where you'll stay. Often there are domestic abuse shelters you can run to in your community.

Although these suggestions aren't all encompassing, they are a good place to start if you are being abused and need to get out of the relationship.

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