How to Find the Right Divorce Attorney


Divorce is a very personal thing. It is complicated and messy, and it will turn your life upside down for a little while. That's why it is so important that you find the right divorce attorney. While you should invest the time and energy into finding excellent legal representation, where they went to law school or how many cases they've won shouldn't be your only deciding factors. Their personality and style should also be something that factors into your decision.

Consider Your Situation

Every divorce case is different; some are simple and straightforward without much need for legal intervention, and others are long and drawn-out. Some have amicable partners who want an easy split, while in other cases one spouse is abusive and toxic. The type of attorney you want to hire will depend on the nature of your divorce. For simple cases, you will want an attorney who can foster the amicable nature you and your ex share. But in divorces with custody battles, you will want someone who will fight for you in the courtroom and win.

Take a Meeting

The best way to find the right fit is to meet with several attorneys. Most divorce attorneys won't charge you for a short interview. During this meeting, describe your situation, tell them what your ideal outcome would be, then ask how they would work to bring this about. If you like their methods, then you've just found the perfect attorney for your case. If their methods don't sound like something you agree with, keep on interviewing attorneys until you find one you like.

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