Getting Back in the Game: Dating after a Divorce


Our qualified team at Divorce Attorneys San Jose CA, wants to help our clients get back into the swing of things after a divorce. It can be a stressful situation for anyone to figure out how to date again after being married. Here are 5 tips for getting back in the dating game after a divorce.

Let Yourself Mourn

One of the mistakes that many newly divorced people make is not giving themselves time to mourn. You just lost a significant relationship in your life and it can feel a lot like a death. You should allow yourself to grieve, no matter how much you wanted the divorce.

Deal with Your Feelings

No one but you is going through this exact situation so make sure that you deal with your feelings as best you can. This may mean going to support groups, talking to friends and family about the situation, and even feeling angry every once in a while.

Learn to Get Along Alone

You may have been part of a “we” for a long time or for just a short period. Regardless, getting back into life as a “me” can feel confusing. Do things that you remember enjoying when you were single before. Get to know yourself again and learn to love yourself as a single person.

Try New Things

As a newly single person, you have a unique opportunity to try things that you might not have tried while you were still attached to your spouse.

Date Around

You don’t have to date every person on the block, but dating around to see what kind of person you are most compatible with is a good idea.


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