Does Your Religion Make You Less Likely to Divorce?


Regardless of your religion, you are not immune to divorce or the causes of divorce. Unfortunately, some people still have irrational prejudices of divorce happening to only those people who lack a strong religious foundation. Most couples who turn to divorce do not do so because they are not strong in their faith or are not religious or did not try hard enough to make their marriage work. However, religion can play a part.


Some studies have been conducted that show that people of certain religions may be less likely to divorce than other religious or non-religious individuals. However, the divorce rate can be as small as just 5% less likely than other religions. Obviously, this is no guarantee. If you are Christian, Catholic, or affiliated with other religions, you can still find yourself in an unhappy marriage that necessitates separation or divorce. This is because the decision to divorce depends on multifarious factors in addition to just religion.


A personal dedication to religious beliefs is just one of many major factors that play a part in a couple’s marriage, family life, and eventual decision to divorce. A few others include these:

  • Financial circumstances
  • Mutual companionship
  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual compatibility
  • The presence of children
  • Major life events, such as job loss, a death in the family, and others
  • Support of family and friends

Of course, there may be many more factors than these, but these are a few that go hand in hand with religious beliefs and practices.


There are several ways to overcome these factors if you and your partner are unwilling to turn to divorce. You can seek help through religious leaders, receive marriage and family counseling, ask for the support of your friends and family, and finally consult a lawyer for separation strategies that are minimally traumatizing.


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