5 Steps to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship


At Divorce Attorneys San Jose CA, we want to make sure that you are able to stay safe and get out of any dangerous situations. Here are 5 of the important steps you need to take to get out of an abusive relationship situation.

Acknowledge That There Is a Problem

The first step to fixing any situation, regardless of the severity and no matter what it is, is to acknowledge there is a problem in the first place. Many victims stay in abusive relationships because they think the situation is not as bad as it really is. The situation is bad and if you are being mistreated, you need to leave.

Do Not Excuse It

Another thing that many victims of violence tend to do is excuse the behavior. They attribute the behavior to stress at work, not getting enough sleep, or other external situations. There is never an excuse for abusive behavior.

Realize It Is Not Your Fault

One mistake that is important to avoid is blaming yourself. Realize there is nothing that you can do to stop the behavior in the future and the previous abuse was not your fault either.

Find Help

Find a support group or a friend whom you can confide in. having a supportive person or group of people you can go to about the problem will help you escape and provide emotional support afterwards.

Find Out What Led to It and Make a Plan

Lastly, recognize any patterns in your life that might have brought you to that situation and make a plan to avoid falling into the same patterns and traps again.

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