3 Signs It’s Time to Separate from Your Spouse


At Divorce Attorneys San Jose CA, we know that in an ideal world, all our clients would be in happy and healthy relationships with their spouses. However, this is just not the case many times. There are many times that couples stick together when that is not what is best for the marriage. Here are 3 signs that it might be time for you and your spouse to separate.

Disagreements on Major Points

If you and your spouse cannot agree on major issues and have tried to talk everything out, it might be time to separate, if nothing else than to just get some perspective on the situation. If you and your spouse are struggling due to issues such as whether to have children or how many children to have, or are battling over religion or financial issues, a separation might be the best thing.

One or Both of You Will Not Compromise

Every successful marriage is going to require some compromise on the part of both parties. But if one partner will not budge on a major point and the couple cannot get past it, a trial separation might help clear the air and help spouses come together again.

There Is a Failure to Communicate

Communication is key in any relationship and this is no truer in any relationship than it is in a marriage. If one partner is constantly shutting down when the conversation gets serious or becomes uncomfortable, very few things are ever going to get settled.


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