3 Factors that Make You More Likely to Divorce


At Divorce Attorneys San Jose CA, we see a lot of divorces and as many reasons for those divorces. We have identified the following 3 risk factors for divorce that you should watch out for if you are planning your own nuptials.

Religious Differences

Religious differences between spouses are one of the main factors often cited as the reason that couples divorce. Along similar lines, couples who attend religious services together are more likely to stay together than those who do not, or marriages where one person attends church services and one does not. In fact, many couples who are thinking about divorce find that attending church services together helps them to heal their relationship.

Cohabitating before Marriage

Although popular opinion promotes a “try before you buy” approach to marriage by living together before marriage, this actually puts couples at higher risk of divorce. Although there can be many reasons for this, one idea is that couples who cohabitate before marriage already suspect that their relationship is likely to fail, which is why they felt a “trial run” of marriage was necessary.

Marrying Young

One of the biggest risk factors that predicts divorce is marrying young. Couples who marry right after high school when they are 18 or 19 are at a significant risk for divorce, while those who wait until the age of 25 to marry can decrease this risk by nearly 25%.


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