3 Characteristics of a Good Divorce Attorney


The time period between a separation and a divorce is fraught with emotional upheaval. There are dozens of decisions that need to be made and none of them can wait. Don’t put off selecting a divorce attorney because you aren’t sure how to find a good one. Look for the following qualities when interviewing attorneys.

Courtroom Experience

On the outset, your divorce may seem amiable. But, there’s no telling if it will take a turn for the worse. When negotiations break down, the case will likely go to court. It’s better to have an attorney who has experience in the courtroom, knows the local judges, and understands your rights, so he or she can stand up for you in court.

Focuses on Children

If you have children, they are obviously your first priority. And because your children are your first priority, they should be your attorney's top priority as well. That means he or she will work to make sure your rights as a parent are protected. Your attorney will also work to obtain a fair ruling on child support and alimony. His or her focus on your family will ensure your interests as a parent are represented.

Knowledgeable and Specialized

Divorce laws are dictated by the state, not the federal government. That means each state has different governing laws. Your divorce attorney should know and thoroughly understand California laws and how they pertain to your case. Because your attorney specialized in family law, he or she will have the knowledge and experience needed to represent you during your divorce case.

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